This is now an award-winning blog

So my blogging has won awards now. That’s pretty cool.

I would have known about this sooner, had I not been so lazy and behind on my blog reading. But I’m caught up now, and with the help of another faithful reader.

Happy Medic has bestowed upon my blog the Happy Award 2011 for Best New Blog. This author is flattered.

In his kind words, Happy Medic says:

The style was right up my alley and the stories were so familiar I felt an immediate connection with the author

I have often said that I tell my non-EMS friends stories, but they don’t believe me. It’s true. I mean, would a rational person really believe that someone would summon a fire truck, rescue truck, and ambulance for a tooth ache? No. But it happens. And other EMSers know it.

I feel a kinship with each and every reader out there, even if I’ll never meet them. This is a pretty cool field, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

The frustration, the angst, the sheer hair pulling insanity that can only come from being in EMS for more than 20 minutes in a system or with a partner or in a place that just doesn’t get it. It’s there.

I’m lucky in that my partner, Slimm, gets it. As does Local Ambulance Service. The system is another story, however. I have been frustrated for years with the way we do things, because, as we all know, it can be better.

Also there, if you read carefully, is the withdrawing of a burn out in progress.

I think CCC, as they call themselves for short, has been saved by this amazing therapy experiment called blogging.

Happy Medic, you hit the nail on the head. About 6 months ago, I was quickly on my way to burn out. I am beginning my 14th year in EMS, and I am still fairly young. I began my EMS career in high school, and haven’t done anything else of note. I wouldn’t want to do anything else, either. Well, I was going to be a lawyer, and took the LSAT again in October, but EMS is where I belong, and writing has been a very cathartic experience.

There’s no telling what I would do without this release. Hitting golf balls only takes me so far. About 195 yards with my 6-iron, as a matter of fact. With a slight fade.

Even though the political stuff can get heavy from time to time, it is CCC’s forum and I can skip a post from time to time, but rarely do.

I like politics, what can I say? I am still struggling to find my “niche” in this blogosphere. I have lots of good examples to learn from, but I want to be different, while still being part of the crowd. I’ll figure myself out soon enough.

CCC, thanks for making me smile this year and good luck in the future! I’ll be reading!

Thank you for smiling, and I will continue trying. Thanks for reading, and again, thanks for my Happy Award!

Without further ado; my Happy Award 2011 for Best New Blog:


  1. Hey, congrats!

  2. Congratulations. Well deserved. I, too have enjoyed it much and some of your writing is as good as writing gets. I am not much of a blog reader – too much other reading to do. But yours I don’t miss.

  3. Congratulations.

    You have earned it.


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