Things that bother me: Misplaced things

It never fails when I come in to work after several days off, that someone has managed to screw something up.

Blood pressure cuffs are where the defib pads should be, there is a big stack of sheets on the back of the stretcher, tourniquets on the grab rail at the top, the map book is hidden somewhere special. I could go on, but that’s just a few.

Really, why do you have to move the defib pads? There is this fancy pouch thing right next to where the therapy cables come out of the big grey thing that says “Lifepak 15” on it. This fancy pouch even has pouches inside of it which are made to hold things like, well, defib pads! It’s not made to hold blood pressure cuffs or 12-lead cables or your leftover half of a chalupa.

Seriously, how many sheets do we need on a stretcher at any given time? 3 is the most. Period. The rest of them can stay in the ambulance. 1 sheet goes on the stretcher, and 1 sheet is there to cover the patient up. If you might need to make a draw sheet, or use another sheet for whatever reason, the third sheet is there to help you. We sure as hell don’t need a stack of sheets 17 deep.

And what the hell are we doing with blankets on here? Blankets? Really? It’s 84 degrees out side!

Tourniquets should never be placed on that grab bar, period. That has to be one of the dirtiest places in the entire ambulance, just behind the inside of the sharps container. It’s the one place I clean repeatedly during my shift, and still refuse to touch without gloves on. Tourniquets shouldn’t be reused anyways.

If the map book isn’t in it’s special place (which ironically was designed by an ambulance design company specifically to hold map books of this size and shape), then it’s obvious that it wasn’t used much during the previous shift. Well, that and the circle on the windshield left by the suction cup on your GPS unit.

I need to go take my lisinopril.


  1. Medic Minx says:

    I’m loving your posts. I feel like you & I work for the same company (minus the fact that I use a Zoll). And yep, tourniquets left on the grab bar make me cringe. And people argue with me why I have 20 of them in a bag when the checklist says 5…I use once & toss.

    By the way, I’ve been gone for 2 mos so far on comp…no idea when I’m going to return. I can’t even imagine how my trucks are going to look like.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying them. You never know if we work at the same place or not, I do make half this shit up. At least half, if not closer to 74%.

      Your truck is toast when you come back. Just take a Xanax when you finally get back on your truck. It will make things go a little smoother. I’m sure the frequent flyer with the horrendous toe injury back in 99 that prevents her from working has a Xanax she would give you.

      Hope you get back on the streets soon.

  2. Yeah Ccc I usually stroke out when I find something misplaced or. Missing. Next thing is a pt on the gurney. Forgotten to be taken to dr apt. Lol

  3. Ur a good soul Ccc

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