Things that bother me: The inappropriate apostrophe

I hate the unnecessary apostrophe.

Did we not learn how to use the apostrophe in middle school at least, if not elementary school?

The apostrophe does not denote plurality.

The apostrophe is used for three purposes: to mark the omission of one or more letters, as in a contraction, to mark a possession, and sometimes to mark non-English plural words. (P’s and Q’s.)

Using an apostrophe to form plurals is grossly incorrect.

It’s hard to take someone seriously when they use incorrect punctuation.

“The cat’s whiskers” is appropriate, while “The cat’s whisker’s” is not.

Or another example:

“I can’t come drink beer. I’m hanging out with the girl’s.”

“You are hanging out with the girl’s what?”

“With Lisa, Katie, Jane, and Emily.”

The rules for apostrophes are not hard to find, if anyone cares.




  1. I love the Bob the Angry Flower comic on this…

  2. Y’all’s obsessions are always interesting.

  3. As an early member of the AAAA (Association for the Abolition of the Aberrant Apostrophe, started by the Daily Mirror, UK, in the ’70s), I fully support this post.

    Fortunate enough to have had some good teachers in primary school way back in the ’60s, I find these additional apostrophes get under my skin. To me they indicate poor education.

  4. I married a high school English teacher. Our favorite saying is “An apostrophe does NOT mean: Look out! Here comes an s!”

  5. YES! This sort of thing is appauling! Walk softly and carry a large red Sharpie!

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