Any Community Paramedics out there?

Anybody out there into the Community Paramedic thing? It fascinates me and I want to learn more from you.

I am a gum eraser, ready to soak up the knowledge contained in your brains!

Specifically anyone actually work as a Community Paramedic? Have any ideas and/or be willing to help a fellow medic learn how he would go about establishing such a program?

I would really love to hear from you guys on this one. I’ve been reading a bunch lately, and I have made at least 5 pages of notes. This is great stuff, and is the thing of the future.

Please feel free to comment, email, send smoke signals, whatever.

This is serious stuff and I could really use some help here. This is EMS 2.0 type stuff right here, ain’t it?

Thanks, y’all.


  1. Two places come to mind that I know running these kinds of programs, and they’re in very different places. One is MedStar in Fort Worth, TX ( and you can ask for Sean Burton, who helps manage the program. He’s a former supervisor when I worked at the Star. MedStar is also on Facebook. It’s a metropolitan system, serving 15 cities and over 850K residents, running over 100K calls/year.

    The other one I know runs CP’s in their system is Humboldt General Hospital (HGH) EMS. The two guys I know there are Tony Shope and Pat Songer, both on Facebook, along with the HGH EMS page. This is a rural EMS system in Winnemucca, NV, about 2.5 hours from the closest trauma center. This EMS system has been featured in several articles in JEMS as a best practice in rural EMS.

    • Priceless! Thank you.

      While I work in a more urban environment than HGH, somewhat comparable to MedStar, I bet they can both give me help. I’ll make sure to add them to my notes and see if they can help.

      Thanks again.

    • Mark Northcote says:

      I’m based in the UK and I am a community based Emergency Care Practitioner / Paramedic in a semi rural environment. I’m also helping to expand these programmes here. I’m happy to share any info with you if required. Contact me by either email or via LinkedIn
      Cheers for now

  2. International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine

  3. Try this link and follow up Wellington Free Ambulance which has hasd extended care programs for some years

  4. ……….and also extended care models in Ambulance Victoria ………see

    HWA is undertaking a controlled study on extended care paramedics in which Paramedics Australasia is involved

  5. I attended the IRCP summit in Vail a few years back. Here’s all the video and interviews recorded there.

  6. Check out Buck Reeds Blog. Really new, but he seems to be getting in to it from an Australian point of view.

  7. We run a 12 credit program that consist of 64 hour of face to face or ITV and 48 hours online and 196 hours of clinical work. We are in Minneapolis MN. My name is Kai Hjermstad and you can reach me at 952-995-1313 or email at kai.hjermstad@hennepintech .edu

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