Larry the Bird.

That’s a fact. You probably knew that.

I’m on Twitter now. I don’t know what on earth this Twitter is about, but hey, people seem to think it’s pretty cool.

I am @blog_CCC

Follow me if you want, but seriously, folks. I don’t know what I am doing there. I’m much to long winded to live 140 (or whatever it is) characters at a time. If I can figure it out, I promise to “follow” you too.

Social media has become somewhat of a popularity contest, hasn’t it? “Follow” me on Twitter, be my “Friend” on Facebook. But all the cool kids are doing it, right?

Can you believe some clown out there took my preferred name? I mean, just who does @CCC think he/she/they are? I think it’s some sort of German events thing or whatever.

And hey, a big shout out to The Unwired Medic. This was his suggestion. Thanks, buddy! Have you guys seen the awesome toys he gets? And he gets them before anyone else! Hey, if you think you could find a toddler’s Angry Birds bicycle helmet, that would be great. I need it by Christmas though…

I’ma go tweet sumthin’


  1. Welcome, my friend, and thanks for the shoutout! You are now Twitterpated!

  2. For starters you can send your blog RSS feed to Twitter.

  3. Great basketball player, but a total jackwad as a human. Srsly.

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