Darned apathy

So I had this whole long, eloquent rant about the current state of apathy in EMS. But I deleted it.

It was very eloquent, too. I even used the word “lugubrious.”

Suffice it to say that I am frustrated with the fact that so many in EMS are satisfied with the status quo. Those who aren’t ready to change the way things are done should get out of the way.

Carry on.


  1. Flash Larry says:

    Just too apathetic to post it, huh?

  2. You should have posted it. If nothing else, it would make you feel better for a while. It’s hard to push against all of the inertia in EMS. For allegedly cutting edge people, a lot of us seem to hate change.

  3. Skip Kirkwood says:

    Come on – resurrect it and re-publish it. We need as much action on the topic of apathy and inertia that we can get!


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