What I am learning about community paramedicine

First off, I am learning that there is no real definition of community paramedic. Everyone is doing it differently.

I have been spending a lot of time reading about the various programs in Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, and other places, and nobody does things the same way.

Management at my place seems to have a weak grasp on what they want from their program, if they want one at all.

They want lots and lots of information that I am frankly not able to provide right now. I’m learning, but I don’t really know how to increase revenue with a community paramedic program. Saving money is also an important goal in any private ambulance service, perhaps more important than making money.

So I will have to continue wading through the mountain of information that I have, to come up with the answers to the questions that I don’t know how to ask.

Thanks to all of you that have sent me information and links on community paramedic programs around the world. It’s valuable information, and I will be putting it all to use.

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