First things first

I’m responding to assist on what was dispatched as a “possible overdose.” Really, I’m just bored, and this sounds like it might be slightly amusing.

I arrive shortly after the ambulance, and make my way into the decrepit house. I overhear the medic talking with someone in the house. This seems to be a regular occurrence at this home.

Around the corner I find the other medic fiddling on the ground next to an unconscious person. The monitor is on the floor, and off. The jump bag is on the floor, not open.

The medic on the floor has a tourniquet around the patient’s arm, patting the antecubital.

The patient is an interesting shade of blue. And I don’t see chest rise.

“Hey, maybe we should grab that airway first, and bag this dude or something” I suggest.

“Thanks, man. We got this.”

Yet somehow, I’m the asshole.


  1. Flash Larry says:

    Well, you may be whatever they call you but the patient still wasn’t breathing.

    Why is it that everyone gets to file complaints on us but our management will never allow us to file complaints on anyone else?

  2. Sounds like a pair of morons to me. I’d rather be an asshole than a moron, if I had to make the choice. The patient probably would as well.

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