Just some observations

I have never run a legitimate call at a Waffle House. Regardless of the time of day or night. Not once.

I have never been involved in a childbirth in which the call originated from a house. Okay, so one time I was. But that was during an ice storm and the roads were impassible, so it really doesn’t count.

I have never been called to a “woman in labor” in a parking lot or on the interstate which did not result in the delivery of a baby on the scene shortly after our arrival.

I have never been called to a scene where PD tazed or pepper sprayed someone who didn’t clearly deserve it.

I have never seen an actual injury at an MVC in which the cars pulled into a gas station parking lot.

Only rarely have I ever responded to a physician’s clinic where the physician was even remotely competent. Usually they just drop back and punt by calling EMS.


  1. Flash Larry says:

    I agree with all of these.

    I would add that the probability of there being a true emergency decreases inversely when the caller is a medical provider (nursing home, etc.) and shift change is either approaching (they are leaving) or just occurred (they arrived and don’t want to deal with the patient).

    There is one county around here that had its own EMS service and we’d get these calls for an emergency in that county, “FD is on the scene.” We’d arrive and both the medics would be sitting in the ambulance. It was a not-really-an-emergency going out of county and they didn’t want to transport. Well, that’s ok, but did we really have to run lights and sirens all the way up there.

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