Keep Moving

Accident with possible injuries. Which means nobody is injured, virtually always. The collision* is at the top of an interstate off-ramp.

Pretty easy to tell what happened. Car number one stopped while turning right, and car number two ran into the back of car number one. At least this one is easy for the cops to figure out.

Driver number one is putting on a heck of a show. Forget Gatsby, someone give this lady an Oscar. I have a hard time finding any damage to the back of her car. Officer McLiftsalot points it out.

“Oh, now I see it.”

Driver two is a little old lady, probably wondering if she will make it in time to the VFW for Bingo.

Driver one gets loaded up. Slimm wants to board her. I don’t mind. It’s easier that way, really.

“Can you guys hold up just a second before you take off to the hospital?” asks the cop.

“Sure thing.”

He hops in the back. “Ma’am, I’m going to have to write you a citation-”


“Ma’am, you had a sign that said ‘Keep Moving’ and yet you stopped.”


“You did not follow the instructions on a traffic sign. You are at fault because you stopped in a lane that was clearly marked ‘Keep Moving.” Here’s your citation. Have a nice day.”


  1. Insult added to (fake) injury. That should put a damper on any suits she decides to file against Driver #2.

  2. Flash Larry says:

    I applaud the officer for common sense for giving the citation to the person whose unexpected and non-compliant behavior actually caused the accident rather than taking the easy out and just citing the driver of Veh #2.

    I like htis more than I can say.

  3. haha.

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