Like vs. Respect

You don’t like me, and I am okay with that. But here’s the thing: everyone you badmouth me to may not like me, but they respect me.

I’m cordial, intelligent, polite, and agreeable. I’m also good at my job, and truly enjoy it. My patients smile at me. Family members thank me. Nurses listen to me because they know I do a good job. Physicians actually listen to me when I give report.

Generally, I am liked around here. Because of those things.

But you were an idiot on scene, and were being incredibly stupid. And you got called out.

Most mature people learn from their mistakes, so they don’t get repeated. But then, most people aren’t as stupid as you are.

I also don’t spend my day running my mouth talking bad behind the backs of veterans. Especially those veterans who have been in this field more than twice as long as me.

Which is a pretty long time.

An analogy: if our careers were human, mine would be driving a car, while yours would still be babbling, drinking milk from a bottle and getting diaper changes.

But you’ve seen it all.

Everyone knows you are a dipshit. They may like you because you hang out in the same clique, but they don’t respect you. You are terrible at your job, and you only have it because you have a pulse and a patch, which is hard to find these days. I would much rather be respected than liked any day.



  1. Flash Larry says:

    As I’ve said before, how is it that everyone gets to complain on us but we don’t get to complain on anyone else. Oh, yeah. They’re customers.

    Don’t piss off the county employees, they might change providers.

    Don’t piss off the nursing home employees or the ER staff because they might stop calling us for transports.

    But if we make a decision as to care (God help you if you don’t put an INT in on everyone), we get challenged, reported, etc.

    I’m mostly a genial person but there are days…

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