So long, Slimm

After three years, and thousands of calls, the end of C and Slimm is here.

Management has seen fit to end the best work relationship either one of us has ever had and give us two new partners.

We did the math a few days ago, and figured we have run 3,285 calls together. Give or take a few. That figures 6 calls per day on a 12 hour shift. We’ve run some awesome calls: together we have almost 25 saves (seriously, he is that good), delivered 5 babies, one being a set of twins, and we even made the news a few times. He looks handsome on film. I just look stupid. We’ve run the bad calls too: nasty car wrecks with fatalities, more than a handful of deceased shooting victims, both homicides and suicides, a person hit by a train, and the man who asked us not to let him die. We failed him.

It’s been more good than bad, and even through the bad times we had each other.

We’ve laughed. A lot. We’ve cried. Not really. We’ve spent dozens of hours throwing a football, and even more arguing about what to get for lunch.

We had lengthy conversations during the Presidential election, and I couldn’t win the arguments. Slimm was hung up on the Mormon thing.

So now I get a new guy. He’s from Minnesota or something like that. Some state that isn’t Mississippi, but starts with an ‘M.’ I haven’t given him a nickname yet. I guess he’s going to have to earn it.

I often call Slimm my ‘brother from another mother of a different color,’ and I mean it. Slimm has become a trusted confidante, and an even better friend. I’m sure going to miss working with him.


  1. It really is hard to lose a good partner. What are they even thinking?

  2. Slimm!! He wasn’t even my partner and I miss him already.

  3. Flash Larry says:

    I agree with the comment that we will miss Slimm as well. He’s been an interesting part of your storytelling, and an important part of your life.

    In “The Rose,” the soldier says to the manager, “Hey, these are real live people you’re talking to here.” His point being that sometimes people who are managers take zero notice of the personal toll that their decisions make on lives. In fact, taking notice is the rare exception to the rule.

    But I’ve see it before. Two Medic/EMT’s who are assigned together and who make a great team and it seems like management simply cannot allow anyone to actually enjoy any part of the job so they split them up.

    It does not gender good will or loyalty or dedication among employees.

    Bye, Slimm. Our best to you, sir.

  4. There is nothing better than a good partner. I had my share of both good and bad partners and a good partner is like an extension of your brain. With my two best partners we could read each others minds. We had calls where we wouldn’t talk. We’d just look at each other, or grunt, or just nod. We knew what the other guy was thinking and what needed to be done.

    It is a thing of beauty.

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