Easiest refusal ever

A fender bender in a gas station parking lot.

Has anyone ever run a legitimate motor vehicle collision in a gas station parking lot? Please tell me if you have.

Nothing is wrong with this lady, and nothing is wrong with her car. Well, she has terrible driving skills, and is kind of argumentative. Even though nothing is wrong with her, and everyone knows it, she complains of back pain and wants to go to the hospital by ambulance.

She pulled out in front of another vehicle and doesn’t believe it is her fault.

I hear her on the phone to her baby’s daddy’s brother’s girlfriend. “I ain’t fixin’ to go to no hospital if it is my fault and pay eight hunnit dollars!”

Just then Officer Niceguy hops in the back to hand the lady her citation.


  1. The closest I ever came was a MVA in a supermarket parking lot. In that case the driver went into cardiac arrest and drove into some bushes.

    And the call where another driver had a cardiac arrest in a parking garage and mashed his foot down onto the gas pedal in the process. Totally smashed car and a non traumatic arrest.

    Other than that, they were all cases of insuranceitis.

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