Jobs are tough to find

We are taking some guy to the hospital because “my legs hurt.”

He’s a vagrant, and has been “doing a lot of walking.”

Essentially, he’s homeless and jobless, and wanders from town to town, and we got so lucky that he wound up in ours.

“What kind of work do you do for a living?”

“Whatever work I can find.”

“Is it hard for you to find jobs?”

“I find something every once in a while. There aren’t many jobs out there though.”

“It must be hard to get a job with all those tattoos.”

“Yeah. People judge me. It sucks, man.”

“I can see why they would judge you. That big swastika on your neck is kinda hard to miss.”


  1. Flash Larry says:

    He should apply for a job at our company. We have a rule against visible tattoos. It is enforced against those they want to enforce it against and not against others who seem to be exempt.

    I’m not sure how the decision is made but he might have a chance.

  2. Jobs may be hard to find, but idiots are a dime a dozen.

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