Where are y’all coming from?

Lately I have noticed more and more traffic coming to my blog, and its Facebook page. Somehow, ‘likes’ on my Facebook page have more than doubled in the past few months.

Not that I’m complaining or anything, just curious to know where everyone is coming from.

I thought it was just Flash and my mom that were reading this blog, but I’ve been proven wrong again.


  1. Same with me. My Facebook page doubled in the first two weeks this year and has steadily grown since! I’m excited about it, but post reach hasn’t really changed much. I hope that’s next.

  2. I know that several people discovered here by reading about it at the prehospital wisdom blog.

  3. Transplanted southerner now working in NZ. Though been following a long while.

    • Southerner as in American South? That wound up in New Zealand? How does that happen? Don’t you miss the pretty women and the fried foods and the sweet tea?

  4. PokeMedic says:

    Found your blog through RogueMedic who I found through Kelly Grayson. This was a few years ago though.

  5. Flash Larry says:

    You guys should talk more! He likes that because then he can talk more!

  6. Hoosier paramedic here. I honestly don’t remember specifically how I found your particular blog, I got into a couple of EMS blogs in 2012. Yours is consistently one of my favorites. Thanks for keeping it up!

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