We did the wrong thing

An old lady fell in the bathroom at her nursing home. She hit her head and suffered a minor laceration.

It wasn’t even bleeding when we got to her.

There wasn’t any bleeding from her head, and no blood to be found on the floor of the bathroom.

A band-aid probably would have been too much.

But she had to go to the hospital to “get checked out.”

She cried when we picked her up out of the bed to put her on the stretcher.

She cried the entire 30-minute ride to the hospital.

She cried for the duration of her 5-hour hospital stay. She didn’t even get a band-aid.

She cried for another half hour when the other ambulance took her back.

She stopped crying when they put her back in her bed and covered her up with her special blanket.

Only to fall again a day later.


  1. Flash Larry says:

    The system does the wrong thing a great deal of the time. The only thing we can do is to be gentle and compassionate and provide the best of care to those trapped in the maze of medical incompetency and who thereby come into our care.

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