“Hey guys, whatchagot?”

“Ah, hey, man. Looks like a whiteout.”

“Alright. Simple enough.”

“Numbnuts is over there starting an IV, we’re about to hang a bag of D10.”


“She, uh, fifty-two. Takes insulin. Took it last night, but didn’t eat. Husband says she won’t wake up. He’s in the kitchen making her a sandwich and getting a beer.”

“At five in the morning? Classy.”

“Yeah, man. You know the territory.”

“Yup. Vitals good?”

“Oh, yeah. Better than mine.”

“Sweet. What was her sugar?”





“Yeah, man, seven.”

“Interesting. Our glucometers don’t read lower than thirty. Thought we had the same ones.”

“Yeah, we do.”


“Here. Check it out. Hit that button right there to recall the last one.”




“You had it upside-down. That says ‘LO’.”

“Nah, man, it says ‘zero-seven.”

“Turn it around.”


“Son of a bitch…”


  1. Flash Larry says:

    You’d think people would read Facebook. If they had done that, they’d know about the 710 cap under the hood of the car.

  2. I got nothing.

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