Some of the books I highly recommend:


12-Lead ECG:  The Art of Interpretation – by far simply the best text I have found on 12-lead interpretation.  This book is designed to take the paramedic from a basic knowledge all the way to advanced in an easy to read, fun format.

Guyton/Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology – indispensable for understanding the workings of the human body.

Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology – an invaluable resource for any and all drugs used in the prehospital setting, as well as in critical-care transport

Principles of Clinical Electrocardiography – simply the gold standard for serious 12-lead interpretation.  A very advanced read that continually gives me headaches.

Critical Care Nursing – easy to read, comprehensive textbook for critical care paramedics and nurses.

Air & Surface Patient Transport – a great book geared towards critical care air and ground paramedics and nurses.  An easy read with lots of valuable material.

The Human Body in Health and Disease – a great resource with basic anatomy and physiology, and mechanisms and pathology of disease in each body system.


I find myself in these books, as well as some others I will add at a later date, quite frequently.  I believe that solid continued education and solid reference material is crucial for EMS.


Golf my Way – I want to be Jack Nicklaus, when I’m not working in the ambulance, that is.  I learned how to swing a golf club from this book.  And it’s on DVD now, too!